Friday, April 30, 2010

3 miles while sick

This week has been mostly about being sick. 1 whole week has passed and I still have the cold that won't quit. Granted, I should probably be taking it easier than I am (no running or hot yoga) but the weather has been great (but windy!) and I get so sick of sitting around all day.

Yesterday afternoon I ran just 3 short miles up Big River. I haven't purposefully done that short of a run in months, so that was kindof cool. Then I decided last minute to go to hot yoga. In the future, running and yoga should not happen on the same day. It just takes it out of me a little too much. However, I'm aware of a new restorative yoga class starting next week, which could be wonderful! I'm getting a little tired of attending these yoga classes so regularly because they end up being so similar. I desire a little more creativeness in my yoga, thank you!

I am looking forward to feeling better this weekend and taking another run, a massage on Monday, and restorative yoga on Tuesday.

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