Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ridiculously Sore

Today has been another crazy stormy day. Windy and raining all night and all day. E and I had resolved to do P90X's YogaX video, and we got started around 11:30. As we made our way through the vinyasas I realized how similar the P90 routine is to the hot yoga class routines we do. We completed the first 40 minutes of power flow, and decided to skip forward to the stretching part, skipping the yoga abs and a bunch of the balance poses. It felt good to stretch my sore muscles and I definitely felt looser by the end of the hour. It was supposed to be a cross training day - 50 minutes - and yoga is a pretty weak cross training activity. But for a rainy day, and for how sore I am, I felt lucky to be doing anything at all.

A gigantic easter brunch was next - I had already anticipated consuming far too much gluten and dairy (my two nemeses), and I went over the top with one too many mimosas and two extra cups of coffee. I felt fine at the time, but the toxin-induced headache hit me at about 7 pm. I'm still really sore, especially my inner thighs (from lunges), my period is around the corner, and the combo of these things made for a pretty painful sunday disc golf round.

Dinner was great - E made polenta with veggie sauce from our CSA box. I drank two glasses of OJ and am attempting to take it easy now. The Eight Miler is on the schedg for tomorrow and I'd like to feel well enough for it.

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