Current Marathon Training Plan

7/15/12 - Not necessarily a marathon....
My new training plan incorporates whole-body wellness. I need a psychological boost, as well as a physical one, and a marathon, while providing both of these things, is just not what I want. My plan is vague in specifics, but firm in concept. I'll try to expand more on it in a post.
3/2/2012 - Um, yeah. So that didn't happen.
New goal! Train for The Ave 1/2 marathon again! I'm going to base my weekly mileage off of how good I feel, with an emphasis on weekly cross training (p90x legs) and getting in the long run! Other than that, it's all for fun! I have a local 10k planned -The Fort Bragg Whale Run - and hopefully the Ayala Cove 10 miler on Angel Island! Can't wait!

1/31/2012 - Time for an update!
I would really like to run another marathon.  My first marathon was 4 months ago now, and it was such an amazing experience!  If I count back from a early May marathon I am at week 5 of an 18 week training plan.  This suits me just fine, and I just ran a half last weekend!  I plan on following Hal Higdon's Novice II plan again, with modifications for running less overall mileage (probably letting some of the lower mileage weekday runs go).  I am powerful!

Update 5/25/11
After running The Ave 1/2 Marathon, I'm embarking on a full Marathon training cycle.  I've decided to set my sights on the Portland Marathon, and am using Hal Higdon's Novice II marathon plan.  I've also got a customized plan from that I'm consulting for additional ideas and info.  
Runner's World Plan
Hal Higdon Novice II Plan
March 2011: 
I'm really looking forward to the 2011 running season.  So far I've had two of my top 3 all time highest mileage months in 2011 already!  I've run the Whale Run 10K so far during a severe Pacific storm that included hail, rain, hail, rain and wind.  If my IT band holds out I hope to complete a half marathon this year.  Possible races include The Ave, SF Half Marathon, Healdsburg Half, or the Giants Race Half.

January 2011
My training plan is day-to-day.  While a plan helps me remember that short runs are just as important as long runs, and rest days are necessary and part of training, I have to take each day as it comes.  With my current injury (ITB) I know I can only do as much as my body allows.  For this reason, I'm not 100% attached to any one race or plan, but definitely have my eye on the Ave 1/2 Marathon.  Humboldt Redwoods National Park, May 1, 2011.  If I'm in shape and feeling good at the end of next month, I'll register and make the trip.  I'm certainly shooting for 13.1 miles as my ultimate goal and would love to be able to do it this season.
For training, I have personalized a schedule that allows me to up my mileage every week by one or two miles while incorporating a 3, 4 or 5 mile run two days per week.  The rest of the days are spent resting and stretching.  Is this too much to accomplish in 6 weeks?  We'll see!