Monday, April 26, 2010

3.5 miles, & New Hot Yoga Class

While traveling this weekend I had the opportunity to go to East Wind Yoga in Auburn. What an amazing studio ~ tall ceilings, nice consistent heat, wonderful light, lots of props/towels/mats, and a kind instructor. Although I appreciate my local studio a lot, it's hard not to compare and wish we had something like East Wind in my town. I would certainly go there again if I could (too bad I can't put my unlimited classes for 10 days at $10 to better use! What a deal!).

Other than that, I put all my energy Saturday into supporting E in his tourney. I caddied for him, meaning I carried a 30 lb. bag well over 4 miles in the hot sun. I loved supporting him and helping him get his feet under him in only his second pro tourney. Although I didn't get a run in I felt good about the weekend. I'm still grappling with running in unfamiliar territory, and still even have trouble running our local forrest trails without some trepidation. Strangers and danger are on my mind, as well as mountain lions. Obviously having the dog with me makes a bit of difference with both issues, but doesn't put me at complete ease.

In running news, I again tried to run the same local trail that was closed last week due to trees, and was foiled on Thursday. Trail still closed. With only 1.5 hours before I had to be at work, and my 5-mile-plan fading into the distance, I almost had a "damnit-running" breakdown and went home pissed. But E came to my rescue, creating a new and untried uphill route from the highway back to our house. I was doubtful but desperate. This route reintroduced the "hill" to me - I grew up running always either up or down a hill - I have purposely been avoiding hills because I read that if you plan to run a flat pavement race, you should train on flat pavement. Not sure if this is completely true 100% of the time, as I feel like I'm missing out on an important aspect of training by avoiding hills. I used to be a serious trail runner, and now am a pavement junkie. Who would've thought?

I've also decided to let The Ave pass me by this year. I haven't been consistent with my training, and doubt wether or not I could even accomplish a 10k that betters my Whale Run time. There's a lot going on in my life right now (the least of which include big pacific storms!) and running 3-4 times per week has not been my top priority. I'm definitely in the market for another fun 10k or 10 mile race I can set my sights on.

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