Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Went to hot yoga last night and absolutely despised the new music playlist. R&B-hiphop-alicia keyes-type music that, honestly, if it continues, would make me not return to yoga. E says I should say something about how I feel, and maybe it will come to that. It's funny how music can have such an effect, and is so intensely personal. Is this "pole-dancing-playlist" really that different from the usual playlist? And on the same note, I sent E an amazing new song and he said he couldn't stand it. He downloaded two songs from a band he heard last month (unheard of!) and I was thoroughly unimpressed. But a lot of music does have mass appeal - speaking of: Jack Johnson has a new album coming out! So the yoga was good, and I really pushed myself but am not sore at all. P90X Yoga did make me sore a little bit on Sunday, so maybe need to mix it up more. She really does lead the same sequence of poses every class.

My last run was on Friday. Yes, I needed the rest over the weekend, and I'm having extreme pms symptoms this week, but there is no excuse for not putting down even just 3 or 4 miles on Monday or Tuesday. It's now mid-week and I'm scheduled for 5 miles, yet my 8 mile long run didn't happen on Monday. Maybe I need to revamp my schedule - it seems easier to put in runs on Friday and Saturday, and I should do my long run after two days rest... I'll think it over, preferably during my 5 mile run this afternoon. :-)

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