Thursday, April 8, 2010

Six Miles

I often surprise myself. Yesterday afternoon I ran 6 miles up Big River. The first 3 were plagued by ridiculous side ache pain, which magically subsided at the turnaround. The 3 miles back felt amazing and great - at mile 6 I felt like I could have run another 6. I should have. My playlist was awesome and the weather was spectacular. The GPS didn't work - too many trees - but the mile markers along the road are accurate by my google earth calculations.

This morning we did P90X Legs & Back workout, followed by Ab Ripper. Again, I'm surprised how strong my legs feel; perhaps even stronger than when we were doing P90X every day! The abs video is still really hard for me, but it felt great to do some back work using two bands in the door jamb. Funny, the door blew open on my last set and the band anchor shot back at me - first time that's happened - but I wasn't hurt.

Diet's been pretty good and consistent, with moderate amounts of gluten and dairy. Last night I made a delicious lentil soup with spelt grilled cheese. Had another almond protein shake post-workout today, and an Amy's tamale meal for lunch. Tonight and tomorrow, I'm "off", as dinner tonight will surely be a splurge, as will tomorrow's field trip to the ball game.

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