Runs & Races

  1. The Whale Run 10K: March 2010.  Done.  On a whim, decided to enter this 10K as a "test' before embarking on the Ave.  Had a ton of fun, finished in 57:30-something. The Ave, not so much
  2. The Whale Run 10K: March 19, 2011  Finished in 54:47 I think.  Woo Hoo! Race Report
  3. Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon:  October 17.  DNS - due to IT Band Injury.
  4. Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon: May 1, 2011  So Much Fun! Finished in 2:05:59 Race Report
  5. The Giant Race Half Marathon 5K:  August 27, 2011 Signed up.  Start and Finish at ATT park.  GO GIANTS!!  (Actually ended up running the 5k due to plantar fasciitis injury.)  Race Report
  6. Portland Marathon....hopefully......
  7. Half Moon Bay International Marathon: September 25, 2011  Done and Done!  Can't wait for another one.  Race Report
  8. Run Through the Colors 10K: October 2011.  Nevada City, CA.  Very very hilly, and at altitude!  Finished 3rd in my age group!  Race Report
  9. Steep Ravine 7mi. Half Marathon: Birthday weekend run - January 28, 2012. Stinson Beach, CA. Beautiful day, and my first trail run!  One wrong turn and 7mi. turned into 13.1! Race Report
  10. The Whale Run 10K: March 2012. 52:__ A 10K PR! Wow! I totally wanted this. It was a really hard run for me. And it didn't rain! Great weather, but really cold. First time in 30-39... 8th place division finish.
  11.  Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon: Another winner, and PR! I was totally working for under 2 hours, and made a 1:58:59! How rad is that? Race Report
  12. San Lorenzo River Trail Run - Half Marathon: 3:01:04. 13.1+ miles with my sister (her first half). 8th Place division finish (30-39). Race Report