Sunday, April 11, 2010

Four Miles

Sometimes the only reason I go running is because of E. He motivates me to go when all I'm capable of doing is talking about it. I mention a slight desire, or state the obligation of my training schedule, and he's on it. He knows it's ok to pressure me into it, and I thank him when it's all over.

Such was the case on Saturday, when the wind was blowing and the sheets of rain starting to fall. We attempted a V.D. state park but the trail was closed due to a tree down. The track really was last on our list of fun things to do but ended up being the most appropriate run for the situation. I started out thinking I could run 24 laps to get 6 miles down while E played a quick round, but boy, was I mistaken. After 4 laps I wasn't sure I would even make it another two. But somehow my feet kept carrying me round and round, and I made a goal to at least finish 16 laps before E finished his round. I believe I was running much faster than I run on normal "out&back" runs because my lungs were actually burning and today (Sunday) my quads are sore. So distance-wise, it left my training schedule a bit dry but was better than no run at all. For that, I can pat myself on the back. Plus, today has been relentless rain, wind, thunder and nasty.

I still can't seem to log a "long run"....

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