Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Have Spun

I finally got my ass to a spin class.

I arrived 10 minutes early to familiarize myself with the room, the bike and to talk with the 'leader' about my novice-ness. I sat on my bike for the next ten minutes, telling everyone around me that I'd never done a spin class before, and watching people adjust their bikes like pros. I fiddled with some knobs and levers and told some more people I was new.

Then suddenly the lights went out. A woman jumped through the door, hopped on the bike at the front of the room and started whooping. Loudly. Then some house music started booming and blue lights turned on around her bike, and we were off (figuratively).

I actually enjoyed it. Somehow I lucked out and my bike was actually quite comfortably adjusted for my size. I worked up quite a sweat and felt an excellent burn in my legs. I didn't get sore the next day from it, which was disappointing.

The hill is a trap! Let's take the dirt road off to the side.

So now I have joined the rest of the whole entire world and have spun. Not quite sure yet what it means for my training - I'm kind of a cheapskate low on extra cash right now so I don't want to pay for a gym membership. Or, I at least want to wait until it's cold, rainy and lame outside so I won't feel like a loser to go sit on a stationary bike in a dark room and sweat with other people while it's gorgeous and wonderful outside and I could be riding my real bike.

Yeah, I'm probably going back.

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  1. Way to make it to spin! I've always been intimidated by spin and have yet to go to a class - I'd love to join you at one this winter though, and we can avoid traps and take dirt roads and hopefully make the jumps!