Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Recap

Miles Planned/Ran: Hmmm. This one's hard to know now that I'm no longer using dailymile. I'm going to guess 21 - 3 six milers and 1 3 miler up the hill.
Rest Days Planned/Taken: A lot were taken, but only 4 were planned. August was a tough month in terms of motivation and sticking to the plan.
Highest Mileage Week: It's no longer about the mileage. It's about sweating every. single. day.
Long Runs Planned/Ran:4/3

Current Book: Finished The Long Way, which is one of the best books I've read in a long time, and my favorite sailing book. Also read The Best American Travel Writing 2006 for the story about sailing, but they were all interesting. Now starting The Wild Trees and Trails & Tales of Yosemite & the Central Sierra.
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I've figured out how to bake all my favorite treats with half wheat flour and half rice flour - making sinfully delicious items previously off limits to me 50% GF! Particularly, the amazing loaf of zucchini carrot bread I made that required an entire jar of homemade apple butter to get it down the hatch. I also may have made a huge batch of calzones.
Current Obsessions: Planning our backpacking trip to the Sierras.
Current Drink: Interesting development on this front. I'm now 100% caffeine free due to some health reasons and am currently experimenting with Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma and Bengal Spice. Some days I love it and some days I just want a damn cup of coffee. I sense decafe Joe in my future...
Current Song: Not a lot of music in my life now - Beatles and Stones, I guess.
Current Wish-List: A humbling, centering, and grounding experience in the backcountry.
Current Need: a meaningful way to make progress towards my life goals
Current Triumph: Canning 9 jars of apple butter.
Current Bane of my Existence: Dog hair. Always dog hair. And living in a perpetually unfinished house.
Current Goal: Recognize the patterns of discontent, and detach from them. Finish the 30 Day Abs Challenge.
Current Blessings: Beautiful weather. It helps a lot.
Current Excitement: Paddleboard surfing two times last month. Frustrating, but a blast. It's tough to learn a new sport, and I must remember that it takes a lot of dedicated, determined hard work to get good at something like that. Each wave is an opportunity!

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