Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Shasta is looking like more and more of a no-go for September. Although the mountain is climbable year round, the conditions are most favorable for novice climbers during May and June. My potential climbing partners seem less-than-enthused to hear the words harness, ice axe, crampon, and summit-before-8AM when we talk over our plan. I'm still waiting their final decision, which will ultimately determine my fate as well - I won't climb it alone (although I considered it, I decided it's a bad idea right now). Consequently, I'm researching less-technical backpacking routes in Northern California: Desolation Wilderness, Trinity Alps, Lost Coast, Kings Canyon, Lassen. My list could be potentially huge, but CA is a big state and driving times will ultimately limit our options.

I'm a little bummed out that Shasta will have to wait until next spring/summer but it is probably a good decision. There will be other mini-exploits and distractions this fall that will help ease my adventurous ache.

Hiking the headlands just south of the Lost Coast

Anyone familiar with p90x knows that there are three phases of four weeks each. Week four of the first two phases involves a 'slow down' week, incorporating more core workouts, yoga and cardio - no weights. I took my 'slow down' week in stride - it was hard to slow down actually, and hard to give up the weights for a week, but I stuck to my plan. Now, 12 days out from the beginning of that slow down week, I'm still going pretty slow. My motivation is lacking and I can't seem to find the pure desire that drew me to the mat and the weights for most of last month. I definitely saw results from that first phase - I feel stronger than ever, I feel fitter than when I was running exclusively, I don't have any injuries like ITBS or plantar fasciitis, and it inspired me to really clean up my diet.

Healthy living - whether it involves running, p90x, weight lifting, yoga, or clean eating - is definitely a roller coaster for me. I am often flying high, sticking to my plan, motivated by pure desire to live a healthier/more active/more fulfilling life. When that passes I find myself absolutely craving fish and chips with a delicious draft beer, nachos piled high with cheese and guacamole, sleeping in, and making excuses for not working out. My life actually feels different during these lows, like all of a sudden I'm way too busy or way too tired to work out. This is not actually true. My life is the same. I have the same amount of things to do, the same amount of spare time. I have not actually accomplished anything by my stint of 'healthy living' - it's time I stopped thinking of healthy living as an accomplishment and more of a way of life. I think I'm getting closer.

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