Monday, August 30, 2010

Giveaways are Awesome

And lo, I entered another giveaway on Jill Will Run, and I won! Blogging giveaways are so cool. I really appreciate the people who take the time and energy to create giveaways for their readers. Keeps us coming back for more! I've just entered another giveaway on one of my favorite blogs - "Racing With Babes" for a beautiful tank top made by a company called BackPocket Sports. This one is a random drawing and there are already 220 entries (probably will get up to 1000, just like Tonia's yearly milage!).

And holy smokes, another giveaway from "Goals for the Week"! This is insane, people are so generous! I love it. $150 at Athleta is something I can only dream about at this point.

In other non-material news, I have not been on a run since Wednesday. This in an attempt to rest my knee and give me the best chance at returning to running this afternoon. I plan on doing a REALLY SLOW 2 miler up the Haul Road. I've been strengthening, icing, arnica-ing and tiger-balming for a week now. Tightness doesn't seem to be a big part of my problem because I stretch so much. I really really really am hoping for the best today and will check in later.

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