Friday, August 13, 2010

Do backpacking miles count?

We just returned from an amazing 18 mile - 3 day trip in the Trinities with the dog. I have to say, I totally kicked it, and am not even a bit sore after all the ups and downs and carrying 50 pounds. Whoop. So beautiful out there. I really really really really really needed some sunshine, mountains and fresh air. Got my fix.

Then we rafter the Trinity River with E.'s brother who is a whitewater guide. What fun. Refreshingly cold water swims off a raft in 90 degree heat. What could be better?

I can't believe that only two posts ago I was commenting on purchasing a handheld waterbottle and then I enter a giveaway and win! What are the frickin odds? Like, zero. Oh well. It was really nice of 'failed muffins' to offer the bottle in the first place ~ I'll have to come up with something for tomorrow's long run of 8 miles. M. promised to accompany me on her bike and pass me water and fuel while I slug out my longest run ever. My legs feel fresh and strong, and although I didn't do my 7 mile speed workout on Wednesday I think I can do 8 tomorrow.

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