Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, I guess that's that

Yesterday called for 7 miles and today called for 2. I managed 4.25 today, but probably ended up walking 1 mile or so of that.

I'm dealing with great disappointment right now. I know that my body is capable of the miles I want it to run for my training. I know that my lungs, my muscles, are in line and ready to go. My mind is also willing. It's amazing how I have really been motivated to run, and have kept so close to my training schedule. My mind is actually willing and will not undermine me.

The ultimate catch-22 exists here: if I rest, my mileage suffers and by October 17 my knee might feel better but my body won't be able to handle 13.1 miles. If I keep running, my knee will get worse and worse but my body will be able to handle the mileage.

I think I made a decision tonight while running. With a healthy dose of run/walk combination I think I can keep my mileage up. This means my runs will sometimes take twice as long, but I must accept this. I want to run the race, I want to finish. I have to let go of my previous expectations of myself and just focus on staying healthy and finishing. There will be other races for me in the future.

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