Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bad News

Bad news.

In an effort to rest my knee I skipped my "easy run" of 4 miles on Monday. This, following a slightly painful episode on my 8 mile Saturday. The knee didn't hurt so much during the 8, but afterward I knew I'd need to take it easy. So it's fortunate that this week only had 3 four milers. So I rested Monday, assuming I'd add mileage later in the week.

This was sort of a disaster. I made the first two miles great, felt pretty good. I should have stopped there, but I thought I'd try for 2.5 (?!?!!?!?!?). A slight downhill ensued, and that was the end of my good run. Damn. I ran/walked the next 2.3-ish miles back to the car. E and I talked about various gaits that might help my ITB and I tried out a few.

So, downhills hurt it the most but I seem to be able to account for this by running on my toes downhill. Next time I should try this. We're going on a downhill walk this afternoon which I'm looking forward to.

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