Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Jury

I've two miles on the training plan for today but I'm going to skip it because of my knee. The right one still feels pain today after a good arnica run-down last night before bed. I didn't ice it because the pain went away after my hot shower and a good stretch. But it has be worried.

Also, I keep touching muscles in my legs that I didn't know were there. My legs seem so ripped, and my arms are somehow ripped too! Like, this morning I was reaching down to pet the dog and my hand hit my shin on the way and touched a muscle - I thought for sure 'that can't be mine!'. Cool.

I'm still on the hunt for new running shoes - the ones I want are $104!!!!!! Holy Hell. Why do they have to be so much? I also need new hiking boots (probably). Secret: I did splurge and buy a green lightweight tank that I hope will be the perfect running top. I'm pretty excited. Combined with the waterbottle coming in the mail I am totally decked out! Now just need to get this knee into shape....

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