Friday, July 23, 2010

5 miles + Yoga

The gps failed me on this run. When I look back on my laps it makes no sense, and is totally unreliable in terms of speed and distance. I did run 5 miles with a 9:39 average pace, and there were definitely some hills to contend with. Felt good. Maia was also disappointing - super slow and pokey when we were on the road.

Last night was supposed to be hot yoga, but turned out to be regular yoga. Still felt good, and I'm sore with triceps and legs. Even tree pose was challenging, and I could feel all the little muscles in my feet and ankles kicking in since it's been so long.

I'm still not changing body comp. Perhaps yoga is the missing link. I weighed myself after dinner last night and got 134. It's literally been months - months - since I got that. What's up????

Last night I had 1.5 pints, and they were delicious. Not so good for the bod, though.

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