Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 mile tempo run

This was my first tempo run. I purposefully chose to run on the road where my garmin would get the best satellite reception. I wanted to be able to keep track of my times to get a good idea where I stand when I actually try to run fast. I should have known more about the lap function on the G, but I didn't really understand it and so my laps are all screwed up after mile 2. However, my warm up mile was 10:42, and my next mile was at 7:48! Wow! That's about a minute faster than I should have been going, but I had no idea how to gauge my tempo.

I really didn't enjoy running on the road very much - I think I got too hot to boot.

I realized right before I left to run that I hadn't drunk any water all day. Not a drop. This is unacceptable. After the run my face was bright red and splotchy and stayed that way for the better part of an hour.

That reminds me - these past four or five runs have all felt -hot-. Like my face feels hot and red, and my body temperature is too high for the actual output I'm achieving. Maybe it's time to consider running in cooler times of day, and drinking more water at all times (not just after runs). I'll also try to only consume the calories I really need in case I'm carrying around extra baggage in that dept.

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