Friday, July 9, 2010

5 mile run, 2000m swim!

Wednesday I kicked it with 5 miles - ran around town with my garmin, which told me I did 9:38, 9:38, 9:10, 9:25, and then an 11:38 cool down. My warm up mile was also supposed to be in the 11's, but I wasn't feeling it. All this after work. So I'm sticking to it so far.

The funny thing is, I'm much more focused on my 'rest' days - taking advantage of them in preparation for the next run. My new attitude includes a lot of 'just do it', and 'if everyone else can do it, so can you', and 'it's only a 1/2 marathon!'.

In other breaking news, I finally went to the pool and swam 40 laps, laddering free and breast. I did feel like I was going to drown a few times, but kept it strong. I definitely am not sore yet, but am feeling the new movement in my joints.

Today is another 'rest' day, hopefully to be filled with disc golf, and tomorrow is the long run!

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