Monday, July 12, 2010

3.4 miles

I felt so good last week, keeping to my first two training runs. Then Saturday came around and I played disc golf with the naive intention of running afterwards. Yeah right. My feet were so sore I couldn't dream of it. Sunday, exact same thing. So there went the possibility of a long run for week 1 and I'm really disappointed.

Today I grappled over keeping to the training plan (2 miles) or trying to make up for lost mileage from last week. I decided to kind of put myself in the middle of the two distances, because there's no way I'm going to add an additional 6 miles on to this week's plan. I've heard that runners shouldn't try and recover lost mileage because of over-training and injury possibility. I don't really think I'm in danger of either one of those things in week one, so I might just try and add here and there this week to make up for the 6 mile long run last week.

Also considering moving the long run to Friday. That leaves weekends open for disc golf and chillaxing.

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