Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lots to Think About

My dog has decided she's a three year old human who gets scared shitless from bad dreams in the middle of the night and has to wake up mom and dad over and over until they loose it. The bonus of her being a dog (for us) is that we can take her out to sleep in the car, which she loves. This is not something you should do with a toddler, so I'm told. The downside is that I'm finding it really difficult to fall back asleep at 3 am, which leaves me plenty of time to think. Surprisingly, I was able to avoid negative, stressful thoughts and tried to focus on positive, proactive measures I can take to pull myself out of this funk.

3+ years ago E and I did a round of P90X - his idea, not mine. I'm usually game for anything active that doesn't involve immersing myself in cold water, so we ripped purchased the whole program off the internet and got started. We were immediately beat down in submission. As the first two months went by I remember being constantly cold and having an appetite that just wouldn't quit. I think I actually gained a few pounds overall, but I looked way better. I actually had an 'ass crease', which was an exciting first for me. We completed month three halfheartedly because we were already so ripped and badass that we clearly didn't need it. Ahem.

The .mpg files are collecting virtual dust in a folder on my desktop labeled "Workout" - I think I'm going to brush them off, rework the overall plan to incorporate some running, and see what happens.

She looks so innocent

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