Sunday, July 22, 2012

Carrot Cake and Champagne

 I had a great workout yesterday that included the 45-minute P90X video, Chest and Back. I probably did 100 pushups from my knees, and at least 150 "pullups" with the bands. It was a beautiful day, so I did the whole workout outside, working on my tan, reveling in the finally-sunny-and-warm weather, and listening to the Giants beat the Phillies on the radio (sick!)...

No, I do not strive to look like Tony Horton, but I have always had a fairly easy time building muscle on my upper back.

... but a Not-so-easy time losing fat around my middle and building muscle around my core - I've never seen much definition in my abs.
I'm a little sick of the P90X 15-minute Ab Ripper video, so I turned to for their 25 Minute Abs and Obliques video. I mixed up a few of the exercises, like the pushup hold, because my arms were shot.

Mendocino Music Festival
Mendocino Music Festival: Photo from Visit Mendocino County
 And as planned, I made a ridiculously simple and delicious 5 Minute Carrot Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie, a new healthy dessert blog that I'm loving! We slathered it in cream cheese frosting, popped open a bottle of local sparkling wine, and claimed a picnic table down on the headlands and listened to the last night of music from the Mendocino Music Festival tent. We were fortunate enough to hear songs such as "Ballet of Chicks in Their Shells". Ummm..... yeah.

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