Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Blahs

Yes, I've got them. Maybe it's not having a training program going right now. Maybe it's my period week. Maybe it's all the goddamn wind. Whatever. I've got bad blahs.

At 6 tonight I'll head out on my run. I'm 100% not looking forward to it, though it's sunny out, cool and only slightly breezy. If I think hard about it what would make me excited to run? Are they things I can control, or are they things I just have to work with and overcome?

I would want to go for a run right now if I had a new trail. If it was cloudy and cool out, with NO WIND. If I only had plans for 3 miles.

What should I do here? There are only so many local trails, and I don't feel safe running on highway 1. I can't control the weather, and at some point I have to do long runs (and Tuesday is my day!).

Part of running is just -going-. Just tie up your shoes, get some miles down, come home and drink a BEER. Take a hot shower. Just do it. Because you love it.

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