Saturday, May 14, 2011


What's come over me? Am I really in training for a full mother-lovin' marathon? Can it be?

I was so stoked after 13.1 that 26.2 seemed like the logical next step. I wonder if doubling 13.1 is the same % increase in hardness as doubling say, 6? We'll soon find out. I set a personal goal of logging a 16 mile long run before June 10. This should be doable, although I may be forgetting how hard long runs are.

The past two weeks since the Avenue of the Giants Half have seen me only complete two runs. One was a 4 miler in Jackson along the Snake River Dyke in cold rainy springtime temperatures. It felt really great after sitting & eating & driving for 6 solid days. My last run was 6 miles along the Big River Haul Road, 3 of which included increasingly bad pain in my right knee. Who knows why this happened. Perhaps my 9 day hiatus from running was too long, or perhaps I was remiss in the foam rolling and yoga dept. Whatever the case, I rolled the crap out of my right ITB last night to the point of crying. It felt great.


As I mull over my goals and options for the fall I feel anxious - the only semi-local run that is appealing to me is the Humboldt Redwoods Marathon. Same course, same time, probably same 50 degree temperatures. The Nike Women's Marathon is the same weekend in SF. There are other great races in Napa, Sonoma, Healdsburg, etc in August/September but who wants to run when it's that hot out?

A for-sure race that I've convinced almost my entire family to participate in is the Giant Race on August 27. I'm committed to the half while both non-runner sisters have committed to the 5k, the youngest of which is participating solely for the Tim Lincecum bobble-head they hand you when you finish on home plate at AT&T park.


I'll need to revamp my training program for the summer. I'd like to include tempo workouts to see about getting my natural pace up. I'd also like to include more leg and core workouts, which were totally lacking this spring.

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