Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Sunday

This week was low mileage for me. But I'll count it as a success because I rode my bike to work & home two times, and I did AbRipper. These are small steps in the world of cross training, but they feel good. The ride home is all up hill, and about 15% mountain bike trail - steep and lots of logs to hop over. It's tough, and both times I had to walk over the worst sections. But I like that I'm getting more confident, -&pretty soon I won't have to walk at all!

I ran a fairly fast paced 5k around the headlands in 27:something and enjoyed the freedom of going fast, knowing it would end soon.

I'm still wrestling in my head with the HH training plan vs. Runner's World plan. They are so different. At least I have a few more weeks to peruse them and figure out which is better for me. I now know one thing - I can not do a long run on Sundays after my work week is over. No Thank You.

The short break from running has me slightly worried about ITB stuff - I resolve to foam roll every day, even if I'm not running. The Studly Runner just posted a review of these compression "knee sleeves". How perfect is that? I've always avoided compression stuff because I don't feel like I need socks, and I don't need shorts... but knee sleeves?? I'll take two, please. You can also insert hot/cold packs into pockets. This is one giveaway I really hope I win.

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