Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This week so far & less sugar

This week has been ON for me. Monday I ran a 5k at the track, busting my butt in a steady headwind for half of each lap. We're talking 20 mph headwind. I ran 1 mi. quick, .5 mi. at race pace, repeated. I'm not used to any tempo work of any kind, so it's good practice for my 'real' training which starts in a few weeks. Tuesday I ran an 8 miler which was long and hard. I think my legs were feeling the 5k. Today I woke up with fresh legs, surprisingly. I did P90x legs and back, and P90x+ Abs and Core Plus, which is a great workout. I like it much better than ab ripper.

I've been thinking a lot about the "sugar free" challenge that Run to the Finish has posted. I really don't eat that much sugar. No drinks with added sugar (I really only drink coffee with 1/2&1/2, sparkling water, beer & unsweetened iced tea), no candy (except when I get a severe craving or go to the movies every blue moon), no sugary packaged foods (like muffins, cookies, or pastries). But when I think about it, I do see a few places I could improve. I don't want to completely eliminate sugar from my diet because I don't think it's a real problem for me, but I could always eat less.
  1. Tame my after-dinner beast with plain yogurt, fruit, tea or nuts.
  2. Resist work day goodies by eating a big, early breakfast, drinking tea, and bringing healthy snacks.
So let's see how those two goals sit with me for two weeks. Cool. Run to the Finish is also doing a ridiculously large giveaway that includes at least 10 things, three of which I absolutely covet. It is seriously HUGE. I hope I can win some schwag. When I first started blogging I randomly won both of the first two giveaways I entered, which apparently, was a fluke. Too bad, I thought I was on to something there!

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