Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week One

Yesterday I threw in another 90% PAIN-FREE run before the World Series game 3 first pitch. Truthfully, I missed the first pitch but it was worth it to get 2 miles in. E made game three guac and had a beer waiting for me when I finished work, but I knew the game food would be that much more delicious with a Run and AbRipper. The headlands run is a little too much up-and-down for my knee, as the pain was definitely there on the last uphill.

So here's how week one panned out. Completed exercises are in bold.

WEEK ONE - October 23 - 29

Saturday - Chest&Back, AbRipper

Sunday - Plyometrics

Monday - Run 2 mi., AbRipper

Tuesday - (YogaX) 30 minutes yoga

Wednesday - (Legs & Back, AbRipper) Rest

Thursday - (Run 2 mi.) Legs & Back, AbRipper

Friday - CHILL :-)

So we stuck to our guns fairly well. We were short a 2 mi. run, but I got that in yesterday, as I said above. So now I'm just short a "shoulders and arms" workout. The biggest problem is obsessively watching the Giants in the world series, and game times are wack! Once that's over I hope more time will free up in the evenings.

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