Monday, October 4, 2010

Sort Of

Well, it started out well. I plowed through 2.3 miles like it was my J O B. I felt great. I felt invincible. I stopped for 30 seconds to stretch and take in the amazing view of the ocean. I tightened up my knee brace and started back towards the car. I guess stopping was a bad idea because almost immediately my knee started to hurt. I ran/walked another mile and called it a day - Erin came and met me with the car.

Damn. Last night I rolled the shit out of my IT band, and then had a deep tissue massage from Erin that made me cry. Still need to wrap the roller pipe in some foam for more comfort.

In an effort to pretend that I am still a runner, I'm entering Katie's giveaway for some schweet Cliff schwag. Yum. If I can ever log another long run in my life I will giveaway many many things as an offering and sacrifice to the gods of IT bands everywhere.

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