Sunday, October 10, 2010

So, a few runs have happened

Actually, just one. Friday found Meghan and I out on the Haul Road. Again, I was totally rocking it at a super-slow pace. My knee felt .... actually, it didn't feel. I couldn't feel anything, which means I was pain free. I tried not to think about it, or get excited, or even notice it at all. At 1.7 miles I had a faint shimmer of pain and we turned around immediately. I'd say we made it another .5 miles before I had to stop and stretch. I busted out a very measured, controlled .5 miles before declaring "Damnit Shit" and walking the last .6 back to the car.

I rewarded our pathetic efforts with a carton of cool coconut water each, and we stretched our IT bands in the sun while discussing my future running career. Turns out, I've officially bagged my 1/2 Marathon due to conflict of more important plans and the obvious outcome of me not finishing said 1/2 marathon. Let me just say that again to be clear:
I've officially dropped out of my October 17 Humbolt Redwoods 1/2 Marathon
This is both good news and bad news - a mixed bag, let's call it. On one hand, I can stop stressing about (not)training and pain. I can stop wondering what it's going to be like to run 2.5 miles and then walk 10.6. I can focus on my future as a runner, this fall and beyond. On the other hand, this is wholly depressing and anti-climactic, and I face a pretty constant challenge of not thinking I'm a stupid loser for having such a stupid loser IT Band. Also, it was to be my first real race. With real aid stations, tons of people and super-human achievement.

So, back to my future. I am now going to be a 2 mile girl. I will run 2 miles, 3 times per week. This is a very short distance, but it tends to lately be a pain-free distance. I am going to be a roll-the-shit-out-of-my-ITB girl as well. And I'm going to just have fun. I am also going to take some serious time off from running while it rains, storms and shits on us all winter, and will become a second-round P90X'er as well. This is the plan, anyway.

I so desperately desire to run a Half or a Full, and sincerely hope that my next year of life will be the year when I can accomplish this.

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