Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Yoga

Yesterday (Thursday), I went to hot yoga. My inner thighs are still amazingly sore from P90X leg workout. Lunges were a challenge for sure. But I could feel the strength in my hamstrings and hips during the standing poses. Unfortunately, the price of classes is going up in two days. It's already a stretch for me to afford hot yoga time. The plus side is she's adding more classes, with more teachers. This could make it worth it again...

It would be a great idea to condense this workout for myself. E and I both agree it doesn't need to take 60 minutes, especially when you're trying to get in ab ripper as well. I'd condense the back (pullups) into just one set of each kind, alternated with the best of the best leg workouts. Squats, calf raises, lunges... next time I do it I'm going to take the initiative and go through the workout book, pick the best ones, and see how long it takes me. If I could do the whole thing (with minimal warmup) + ab ripper in just under an hour, I'd still have time to stretch when I finished and not feel ridiculous about spending so much time working out.

And on the inspirational front, DOTR just signed up for a 1/2 marathon, on a whim! Wow, would that I could... I feel confident I could sign up for a 10k now and pull it off no prob, which is still pretty cool. But to have a 1/2 feel like that would be quite an accomplishment.

I'm craving beaty burgers again, with a gargantuan salad of arugula, spinach, walnuts and goat cheese feta....

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