Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot yoga and no run

Sooo... no run since Thursday past. I will use the rain as an excuse - one thing I hate is running in the rain - but I should have gotten out there this afternoon. E and I also had plans for a P90X legs & back workout but the computers got the better of us. Sometimes it's just hard to make things happen around here.

I did get to Hot Yoga on Monday, and am feeling it in my arms and legs. For every 2-pushup vinyasa the class did, I did three-. It was nice, and I paid for a 5 class punch card and will be inspired to use them before we leave town on June 8. Finally, she's adding more teachers, and more classes, which is a relief, but she's also raising the prices which I can barely afford as it is! Tuesday we worked so long and so hard (construction!) that I just didn't have it in me after a 9 hour day to do my long run, let alone a short run.

I still haven't made it to the pool either, which is mostly because my potential swimming partner has been under the weather.

This post is full of excuses - not good. My resolve is firm, and I'm not blaming anyone or getting upset about my lack of exercise because I know this comes in cycles. I still feel good, and I'm not eating too poorly, so I can wait a few more days for the opportunity to get my heart rate up.

I really would like to start getting my mileage up this summer. I know I can do it (especially if I have a deadline!). I've been looking at some super-cute running skorts and just drooling. I would love to feel like I deserve something special like this, and like I deserve new running shoes to support my habit. REI's upcoming sale might be the key to me taking the opportunity to splurge on myself.

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