Saturday, May 22, 2010

3.5 miles and AbRipperX!

I had planned to hit the pool for some laps, but found out last minute a friend was coming to town. I canceled all plans to workout, and when I found out she'd be arriving late I was grateful I'd at least be able to squeeze in a short run. I made it a quick one and got home to find a text from her that she'd be even later! I threw down Ab Ripper X, which I've been meaning to do for weeks!, and showered up.

It was a nice quick workout. I can feel it in my quads, and my abs are tight. It's the kind of sore that starts out slow and tomorrow I'll really seriously be feeling it. Today I had a wonderful massage, and now I feel so tired. Like just laying in bed and reading tired.

I tried to plan out my week, full of running, yoga, swimming, work, and jury duty. That's right. I tried to get out of it but they caught me.

Here's to a productive week!

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