Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why I changed my mind about Portland

My last five runs looks like this: 8 mi. -- 6 mi. -- 5 mi. -- 3 mi. -- 2 mi. -- What's next, a 1 mile run? Time to get the mileage back up.

I've changed my mind about Portland. After a bit of contemplation, and lots of research on desert marathons, I realize there's no reason to run in a city. San Francisco waterfront + Giants Stadium, maybe. Portland, nope. I know there are beautiful parts of Portland. I know it's a great city for many reasons. But I don't personally run because I love to run in cities. I run because I love to run in nature. And for this reason I'm going to continue my search for an October marathon I can run in nature, even if it ends up being the Humboldt Redwoods again.

Quite a few people in the last week or so have asked me why I run, and I realize after thinking about it that I run to see nature. I run because it's an awesome way to be outside and to --experience-- my surroundings. Walking, sure it's great, but it's slow. Running is quick and outside and real and smells like outside and feels like outside. It IS outside. That's why I run. Because I love being out.

It's only natural, then, that I choose a marathon that satisfies this in me. I feel wary about not having a set date anymore, but I also feel relieved as Portland is bound to sell out this week or next. I no longer have to worry.

I printed out my training plan to post on the fridge ~ whoopie!

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