Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So trashy

Do people really throw away their clothes at races? I mean, seriously? I guess I have no concept of how that works, or if it's a good idea, or where you get clothes that are designated "throw away".

Do you go to the second-hand store before race day & pick out a disposable outfit for $5?

Do you go through your closet slowly and deliberately and decide which duds you can part with at the starting gate?

And further, do you just carelessly ditch them in a pile in the middle of the starting chute and never look back as 10,000 runners run over them?

Or do you actually disrobe before lining up and find an actual "waste receptacle" for your trashy articles?

Or do you start out fully clothed and take them off while running, tossing them to crazed fans spectators on the sidelines?

So much to learn!


  1. I went through my roommates "fat" box of clothes once and took some for throw aways!

  2. A lot of people go to Goodwill/used goods store and buy cheap stuff they don't mind throwing away. The idea is that your muscles stay warm until race time and most races already have a system in place to pick up the throw away layers and donate them to a homeless shelter or something. Sometimes it is pretty hilarious at the start of the race to see lots of shirts and things go flying as people get rid of them.