Saturday, June 18, 2011

Only once a week?

I guess I only post once a week now. Really, it makes sense since there's not much excitement with 3 and 5 mile runs.

I don't even remember my 3 mile run on Monday. Except I think it was the run where E taught Maia the dog to pull him on the landboard. Sweet. She rocked it.

5 miles on Tuesday was rough. I ran on the FB Haul Road with Maddie on bici, and the whole thing hurt. Headwind. Sciatica. Hunger. All worth it -- Fish&chips, beer and Giants game (WIN!) at North Coast Brewery afterwards. Rockin'.

Wednesday's 3 miler was momentous because Maddie ran 1 mile with me. Yippie! I talked her and Manda into running the Giant Race 5K while I run the 1/2 marathon. Her first practice run went great, and hopefully we'll do another one next week.

Which brings us to the 9 miler yesterday. Mom was on bici this time and it was so wonderful. I don't know if I had a really slow pace and that's what made me enjoy the run? I consumed a bottle full of camelback solution and a bag of honey bee gummies. They were great.

My legs felt beat after, and I realize that on long run days I really need to get off my feet when the run is done. Otherwise the feet really start to get sore & painful. I've also been suffering minor sciatica in my right butt this week. It started after the 5 miler and flared up again last night. I rolled it with the roller and a baseball, but it still causes twinges when I sit for too long. I'm going to try and ice it, and buy some Traumeel for future buttular massages.

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