Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've used runner's world training program creator in the past to figure out how far and how often I should be running while I pretend to train for races. Ahem. With the Whale Run coming up I was again inspired to enter my single race time, & add my desire to train moderately hard over 4 weeks, to receive general guidance on my schedule. However, I was not impressed with the resulting plan. I believe it may have inspired me to create a custom plan. Custom. For me only.

Also add to this the fact that I'm constantly being asked to run with Jill and Blair! They seem to run willy nilly - 4 miles really fast whenever they want to! Hmmm. Not my style. I'm excited to incorporate runs with them to increase my speed, but not regularly. I need to up my distance if I've any hope of completing a 1/2 marathon this year.

And.... on to THE STICK. I mentioned this torture device at xmas and am reminded yet again that every run I do is made possible by THE STICK. When the ITB flares up, I roll it post-run with THE STICK until I can't breathe. I remain, mostly, pain free. I do still feel like I'm precariously balanced on the ridge between health and injury, so I appreciate each run to the utmost and use THE STICK regularly.

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