Thursday, March 3, 2011

March madness

Yahoo. Running again, this time with .... buddies! Yes, I ran for the first time since college with a new group of folks. New running buddies are named Jill and Blair, and boy do they -cook-. That might have been my fastest 4 mile run - ever.

And February. I think I completely took February off of running. I had two major backcountry hiking/ski/snowboard trips planned back to back and didn't want to risk my knee flaring up (or other injury) right before my snow time. Between trips I logged about 20 miles of intense uphill, snowy hiking, including major vertical (we won't talk about the search and rescue operation it took to get us out on day three of trip two after 6' of fresh in 48 hours. Holy Shit.).

So march will be good to me, I'm sure. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my running, as the Whale Run approaches. I am surely planning on running the 10k but don't have a lot of hope of beating last year's time due to my "rest month".

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  1. so glad you are running again! sounds like feb was a craaazy month!