Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gearing Up

Whale Run 10k is on Saturday. This morning I was up at 7 because the insulators came that early. Whatever. So 9am felt like the middle of the day and that's when I went for my run. It was E's idea, which was awesome and I didn't have to feel guilty about not working. I ran 5 miles in about (under) 45 minutes. Fast. I meant to do this run on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but the weather has been ridiculously foul. 35 mph and non-stop torrential downpour. Today, however, was sunny! I felt pretty good, but am definitely going to rest the next two days, roll my legs till they cry, and stretch. And eat a lot. I'm really tired now and feel like a nap.

I did a 4 mile and a 3 miler last week and really wanted to add 6 to last week's count but as I said, the weather kept me down. This week will end up at 11, but I've got to get the mileage up for the 13.1 in May. I'm going to revisit my training plan as soon as I get my new computer tomorrow.

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