Saturday, September 11, 2010


Holy Crap. I just noticed I have two followers. What what? :-)

Time to post!

Running is a somewhat depressing and sensitive subject for me (ie, I'd rather not talk about it). But writing.... I think I can manage a few words. My right knee is still on the blitz. I've been trying to alternate strengthening and stretching daily, and I bought a neoprene knee brace that velcro's above and below the kneecap. Basically, my training is on hold until I can foresee a run without pain. It's been over a week since I've run (literally - not even 1 mile), and I've done some P90X leg workouts, yoga & played a few nights of badminton. This better be the correct course of action for me, because healing this thing is really a shot in the dark.

I know that many many runners experience knee pain/ITB trouble, but there are many many who don't. I keep wondering why I have to be one that DOES???? I'm committed to this 1/2 marathon. I really, finally, want to run. My body is able, and my mind is willing, but my knee holds me back. It's really frustrating.

So, while I'm vacationing for the next 12 days, I'm going to try a few short runs here and there. I'm going to hike beautiful mountains and enjoy the companionship of good friends. And we'll see where I end up in two weeks. If I can't manage 13.1 miles on October 17 then I'll have to walk. I'm still going to do the race.

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