Friday, September 3, 2010

New Fodder, & Laundry

I've found a new blog to read, Running Through Life, doing a giveaway for a sweet sports bra. I've never heard of ALO, but their stuff looks really clean, simple and comfortable with lots of organic fabrics and bamboo! And lord knows I could use a new sports bra.

Failed Muffins posted about smelly workout clothes, and smelly people in general. Most people stated adamantly that they would never recycle workout clothing (ie, more than one use). I do this constantly, usually getting two or three uses out of my clothes. They don't stink, I hang them up to line dry after each use, and when they've had enough I put them in the launder pile. Call me crazy... I simply don't have enough workout clothing to support a different outfit for every day of the week. Plus, we don't have a washing machine at home & laundry is usually a biweekly "event". So any new clothes I can win would be awesome.

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