Wednesday, June 2, 2010

warm yoga

Warm Yoga tonight. I admit, I had serious second thoughts about using one of my yoga punches on a 'warm' class, but it was perfect. It was so humid and warm in there I sweated just as much as I do in a hot class.

Today is pathetically rainy and drizzely. I hate it. I wish I could fill out a whole long list of good things, and grateful things, but I am just so over all this rain. I wanted to run for National Running Day, but I know I hate running in the rain. So warm yoga was my fix. As well as whipping up an uber-healthy dinner of carrot-cabbage-apple salad with a side of red quinoa.

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, which means I will probably not be working and have extra time for a p90x workout. Ha! There, I tricked myself and found something good!

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