Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new look + where did all my motivation go?

The title pretty much sums it up. I'm supposedly in week 3 of my 1/2 training program and have totaled 7 miles thus far - a 2 mile run on the first day, and another 5 mile run about 5 days later while on high-altitude vacation. Granted, I did an amazing butt-kicking hike 1.6 miles long that gained 1600 ft. in elevation. So that counted as a workout.

I've wondered where to go to get new motivation.
  • First, I've changed my look. With a new look comes new life, maybe. I continue to read all the motivational blogs on my list, and I think about going for a run every day. So this should add some freshness to the running idea.
  • Second, I should remember that I have a new kickass running skort that I love to run in. I also bought a super-duper-extra-cute dress on sale from Patagonia that I'm dying to sport this summer ...
  • Third, I love activity. I love making time for it and scheduling it in. I love getting massages and feeling like I deserve them. I love sacking out on the couch with a beer and feeling like I deserve it.
  • Fourth, I feel I'm very very close to needing new running shoes. However, I'll only need them if I continue to train for my 1/2. My old shoes will continue to work if recreational running is all I'm good for.
  • Fifth, there is new activity to be had. Badminton is back on the schedule, the number of hot yoga classes have doubled, and I still haven't been swimming! No excuse to be bored.
That might be it.

This blog is called -run because you love it- remember?

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