Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome back, chocolate gel

Razz ClifShot gel is sick. I almost puked over it, AND it's CLEAR! Even sicker.

I love the mocha gel. I feel like I'm licking chocolate icing out of the container while I'm running and am so guilty. It's like eating chocolate butter. I can't get enough. Hopefully it will go well with the lemonade flavored clif shot electrolyte powder stuff I just bought a pound of, because it doesn't go well with my camelback tabs.

Do I need shotbloks as well as electrolyte replacement, or is that overkill?

My 15 miler was (get this!) my longest run ever. Man, did I feel great. I had a plan, which really helped my mental game, and took a ton of stress of me. I started at the parking lot of the Haul Road and was going to run 7.5 miles up. E was to ride down the mtn. bike trail from our house to mile 2.5 and ride up the road until he met me.

This was an awesome plan because it allowed me to run the first half alone, and then have something/one to look forward to. My nerves were calmed knowing he was coming - sometimes I get really tweaked out about mountain lions, freaky perverts, and unexpected marijuana farms.

A fork in the trail at 6.5 meant I made the turn early and had to add an extra mini out-&-back later on. No problem. At the start of mile 13 I knew it was time for the SLOG. I really did feel great up to that point, but the last three miles were "get 'er done" miles. I made a pact with myself to not walk. I could jog as slow as I needed, but no walking. It was fine, and I did it.

I did not take an ice bath, and didn't notice much of a difference in recovery. I know I had a hard time sleeping that night but I felt fine on Saturday. I'm so glad this is a step back week, and I vow really truly to do strength training.


  1. chocolate gu is so good! tastes like brownie batter, yummmm.

  2. I love the mocha shots as well although I'm usually more of a shot bloks or larabar girl. Mmm... I think that supplements/food are definitely needed for runs 10+ miles. It just makes me feel better and stronger during my runs, in addition to carrying some water with me.