Friday, July 15, 2011

How I Got My Mojo Back

Last week was rough. I had a 7 mile weekday run that I described as "hardest run of my life". Then my Friday 14 miler was possibly even worse. I chose a hectic and nonsensical route around the Headlands and then down and out on the Haul Road, where my garmin absolutely does not work. I was stressed about the mileage adding up, stressed about my exhaustion and pain, and stressed about the disgusting Razz flavored Gel I brought with me. Yuck.

This week, I decided to switch my approach. Firstly, I wrote down a paragraph of power. A mantra statement, if-you-will. Behold:
I am a runner - I run because I love it - I can run farther every day every week every month every year - My legs are powerful, my endurance is limitless - I run outside, I run in nature - I feel strong beautiful and fulfilled after every run - I am a runner - I run because I love it
Second, I did my first run of the week based on time, not miles; 40 minutes. I added a small, short hill half way through. Third, I decided it was high time I picked up my sorry-ass-pace and got back to my 9:30(-) roots. This revelation came to me within the first mile of my 7 miler as a strange guy in full track suit regalia passed me. And he seriously passed me. I felt so slow. As my GPS beeped 1 mile (10:07) I thought, pick up your damn legs and RUN. It worked. I clocked 9:24 on mile 2 and decided to keep things around 9:30 for the rest of the run.

Obviously once I started I couldn't stop. Mile 3 was 9:15, mile 4 was 9:02. Holy crap I felt great! NO PAIN - the most noticeable thing about this run once I picked up the pace. I knew there was no way I could break 9 so I decided to just feel good. 8:53. Who is this running? What did you do with the slow girl who's always in so much pain? I knew this couldn't be beat. 8:44. I finished mile 6 like I had just crossed the finish line for 26.2. I was SO excited and happy. I "cooled down" with 9:something.

After this rocking run I ordered 8 tacos and picked up a 6 pack, and E and I sat outside of the music festival tent listening to bluegrass, looking at the ocean, and stuffing our faces until someone graciously offered us their tickets at intermission. What a great night!

More about my 15 mile run later this weekend.

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