Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Saturday

This week was a step-up week for me, and included two 4 milers, one 7 miler, and my longest run ever, a 14 miler. It was a tough week. I'm quite tired, and the 14 miler was one of my most difficult runs ever. I also joined a 30-day yoga challenge that has been mediocre at best. So...

I'm having constant thoughts that I'm doing something wrong. 14 miles yesterday was so hard I just can't believe that training could be so difficult. Perhaps I forget how hard it is to run a "farthest run ever"? I had to walk half a dozen times. My legs never felt fresh. Some part of my body hurt the whole time.

Am I eating wrong? Should I be cross training more/better? Do I need to stretch more? Is my body physiologically not cut out for these longer distances?


I took a wonderful ice bath after those tough miles and am so thankful for the posts of other seasoned runners on things like ice baths. I really need to do more research on eating better - perhaps that will help my long runs.


  1. i think walking is ok in a long run! and sometimes you just have off day, don't let it drag you down!

  2. Thanks Katie ~ your comments always make me feel good about what I'm doing.