Monday, April 18, 2011

Should I do another long run before 13.1 on 5/1??

So... who knew? Reading about everyone in a Boston Frenzy is pretty entertaining! And coincidentally, Marathon Challenge, a NOVA documentary about average joes running Boston, was on our netflix list last night! So I guess I'm in the mood.

Last Tuesday I did an 11 mile run. My longest run to date, it was a tough one for a few reasons. First, I started out at the Skunk Train depot with the realization that even if I ran to the very very end of the Haul Road I still would not reach my 6-mile-out-&-back goal. This put mental stress on me to try and find 'loops' or additional 'out&backs' along the main course. Not what I like to do. Also, Maia dog was hungry-tired-lacking motivation? Not into the run, which is really unlike her.

I added just one spur off the main course, and hit the turnaround at 5.15 garmin mileage, but knew it was more like 5.4 because I'd forgotten to turn it back on after a brief water stop. So the depressing realization hit me that it would only be an 11 mile run without finding a way to add another mile. Then I looked down to a 'battery low' notice and .25 miles later, Garmin was dead. So my hopes of accurately pinning down another mile were dashed.

My legs were shot, the run was hard. I wanted 12 but only got 11. Once again I question how I will ever be able to run 13.1 miles. Will it ever be easy? I'm determined to find out.

The Real Issue:
Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon is in just 13 short days (MAY 1). Question: Should I do another long run? Maybe another one tomorrow (4/19) and allow myself 12 days to rest/taper? I wasn't planning on another long run but 13 days seems like a long time to not long-run. Hmmm...

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  1. hmmm, if you did it tomorrow and did it slow, i'd say yes. keep it easy!