Friday, April 1, 2011

Going the Distance

I've read some really inspirational blog posts lately. With so many marathons and half marathons being run in the blogging community this spring there is a lot to contemplate, and a lot to compare myself to.

13.1 miles is a long way to run. My farthest run ever is 8 miles, and I've run this distance two times, one of which was earlier this week. That 1 hour and 16 minutes was the first time I've finished 4 miles and contemplated what it would be like if I were only 25% done. What would that feel like? How would my mind relate to the perceived new distance? I felt powerful and strong on that run, and for the first time felt like 13.1 is doable.

Actually making it a reality is another story. Oftentimes I am convinced my body is just not cut out for 13.1 10Ks feel like challenge enough. My body feels slightly broken and beat. After last night's 6 miler my feet hurt so bad I couldn't believe how amazing getting into bed at 8:30 pm felt. It seems really difficult to up my mileage, both mentally and physically.

So my question really, is this: How do you know if you're being a wuss and should just DO a 10 miler? How do you know if you should just be a 10K runner?

I've researched long runs and can't find enough info to support either answer. I plan on reaching out to other bloggers and casually asking around ... How difficult was/is it to up your mileage weekly? Monthly? How do you feel after long runs?

My 8 miler this week was great - I felt good, I took it slow, I hydrated, and Maia the dog kept me company. My 6 miler two days later felt like hell. My feet hurt, my lungs hurt, my mind hurt.

In other news, spring has sprung! The Giants are winning game #2 of 2011 (we'll forget about game #1), AVBC's Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema came out today, and the world smells like freshly cut grass. Yippie.

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  1. I generally feel wiped for 1-2 days after a long run. the actual distance is usually relative to where my training is at the time. but you can do it! just know that you'll feel awful for a few days after. i find that a short recovery run the next day usually helps (2-3 miles).