Wednesday, April 20, 2011

12 miles and feeling..... tired

Last night, after planning my whole day around a 5:00 start-time, I ran 12 miles. I was primed & ready.
My mom rode her bike alongside and chatted me up for miles 2-6, which are the boring miles. At the turnaround, the next 4 miles FLEW by. I barely remember them. Beautiful miles.

At 10 I was so surprised that I'd finished 10 miles without too much pain. See, it does get easier!

11 and 12 were not as tough as the last couple miles on previous long runs. My right calf did cramp during the last mile and still hurts today.

So all in all my best and longest long run ever! I added an entire camelback tablet to my water which I think helped a lot too. So now I just need to rest today and think of how to pass the time till The Ave. Oh yeah, and actually sign up for it!


  1. Hey Lindsey --
    No online food log, but that's a good idea! I've just been writing things down... I'll poke around online and I'll post if I find a good, digital food log!

    (PS - congrats on the 12 miler!)

  2. NICE!!! Congrats on the LR!