Sunday, December 26, 2010


December 23 and 24 were good enough to give me 8, count them - EIGHT, miles! Yippie! On Thursday my seester and I were planning a quick 2 miler with extreme pain management plans in place. We just kept on going and going and after 2 miles I decided we should turn around (mostly for the seester, but it was also a smart idea in general:-). NO PAIN. The following day, xmas eve day, E and I went out again and I had secret intentions of beating the previous day's mileage. This run was much more about managing the pain, and both days I ended up walking about .5 of the total... but the total is there. Read it. EIGHT miles.

My beloved also gifted me "the stick". Who gets their beloved a torture device for xmas (and gives it infront of family?)?. I love it. I've already used it 100 times yesterday and will definitely have it on-hand after tomorrow's run. I don't even care how far I run, just that I can. And will.

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