Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Back on the wagon. And boy does it feel great!

I've logged 36+ miles so far this month, which is my third best month since I started keeping track. I'm not following any particular plan - just trying to rebuild a base of around 5 miles and to keep the pain at Zero. The hardest part is remembering to throw in shorter runs (2-3 miles) to balance out my longer slogs of 5+ miles. I've done a legs&back workout and definitely notice a difference in my step - solid legs!

A couple more workouts, and a few more weeks of building long runs back up to 8 and I'll be an amazingly happy woman. I might even start revisiting some 1/2 marathon training plans, but taking it slow slow slow.


  1. Sounds like your running is coming along! I know it's always nice to feel like I'm getting strong again after an injury or a break from hard core running. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go (with a healthy dose of stretching and foam rolling on the side). :)

  2. awesome awesome awesome! so glad to hear you are coming back!